Cold Weather Grilling – Solaire® Infrared at its best!

Greg from Anchorage, Alaska, offered the following testimony about his cold weather grilling with our Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill:

I purchased a Solaire Anywhere grill. I live in Anchorage, Alaska, and on several occasions, have grilled a steak when it was zero degrees F outside. The steak comes out perfect, even at that temperature. Takes maybe two extra minutes in the cold, but no complaints whatsoever. In the summertime, a marinated salmon filet is done in less than five minutes.  Thanks for a great product. Well worth the price.
Andrew from Winnipeg, Manitoba, related his experience with the Solaire Anywhere:

I am from Canada, and I do not have any Solaire retailers nearby, so while I was in Palm Springs, I took advantage of my location and bought the Solaire Anywhere grill.  On the few occasions that I have used this grill back home it has worked beyond my expectations.  I was using it in -40F conditions (no joke), and it heated up in under 2 minutes.  I was able to cook two 1 1/2″ steaks to medium in under 4 minutes flat.  It gave perfect grill marks, and produced the juiciest steaks I can remember.


Our hardy friends in Minnesota know the benefits of grilling with Solaire Infrared.  Even when the temperature hovers around zero degrees they are grilling sumptuous meals.  That is because Solaire Infrared is little affected by the ambient temperature.  The direct radiant heat slices right through the cold to grill your favorite foods.  Even in bone-chilling temps, you still can sear to perfection – and with the hood up!  Try doing that on your conventional burner grill.

So if you like to grill year ’round, a Solaire Infrared grill is for you.  You may have to bundle up, but your food won’t know the difference.