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Trying to Find the Perfect Grill? You’re in the Right Place.

From my own experience I can tell you that owning a Solaire has taken all the thrill out of eating a steak at a high end steak house. I’m almost always disappointed because I can do it better on my Solaire grill. You truly have built the best gas grill on the planet.
— Kevin, Boulder ,CO

Welcome to Solaire®, the Muscle Car of gas grills. Each Solaire grill has a “rocket under the hood” – the Solaire Infrared Burner. This superior burner gives you the high heat necessary to lock in the juices for tastier, more flavorful food than you can ever get from a conventional barbecue grill. Professional chefs demand high heat to create great taste – and now you can too with a Solaire Infrared Grill.

Solaire grills preheat in only 3 minutes, and cook about twice as fast as more traditional units. You’ll be finishing dessert before the neighbors even start to eat (unless they have a Solaire too!). With this speed, you can make grilling an everyday occurrence rather than just a weekend event, perfect for today’s busy lifestyle.

PLUS, all our Solaire grills can be fully customized, guaranteeing that you’ll find exactly what you need in the perfect gas grill. You can start with conventional burners, select one conventional and one infrared burner, or design your grill with two infrared burners. Our burners switch out in seconds, so you are never locked into one type of burner system forever. This kind of flexibility is only one of the reasons we have remained a leader in the gas grill industry.

Whether you are just starting to shop and are wondering:


Or, if you’re ready to learn more about the Solaire line… we are confident that you’ll find all of the information that you’ll need to become the undisputed wizard of backyard grilling, the envy of your neighborhood, and the hero of your family when you serve them juicier, more flavorful food then they’ve ever tasted from an ordinary grill.

Solaire®— The Muscle Car of Infrared Grills


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Why Grill With Infrared?

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