Problem with Cheap Grills

The Problem With Cheaper Grills

A recent blog was very blunt about a grill offered by a major chain. In our estimation, this opinion is the issue with virtually all of the lower-priced stainless steel grills offered by the home centers and major chains.

This is another big shiny gas grill sitting on the showroom floor at your local S****. With lots of grilling space, infrared side burner and rotisserie burner it is a full feature gas grill, but like so many in this price range (lists at around $1,200 USD but sale prices go as low as $1,000 USD) it is made from thin stainless steel with limited construction quality. While this unit will most likely grill like a dream when you first get it home, the problems will set in quickly. Built by G**** H*** (in China) for S**** this low quality gas grill is designed for one thing, getting you to open your wallet.


  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Large cooking space
  • Full function grill


  • Lower quality materials and construction
  • External infrared sear burner is exposed to the elements
  • Limited life expectancy