Radio Show Host Hugh Hewitt Describes Our Infrared Grill as “Unique”

Radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt simply loves our grills, specifically, our infrared grill. Speaking from firsthand experience, Hewitt describes Solaire grills as being “unique among gas grills.”

One weekend, he took home one of our demo grills and cooked steaks with it, turning the meat an average of 3-4 times (with additional turns depending on his guests’ preferences). Together with his wife and guests, Hewitt enjoyed a flavorful meal and had a good time.

He’s not the only one dishing out good reviews of our product, however. In a similar manner, bar consultant and food expert Jon Taffer also praised our infrared gas grill during a segment on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Our grills are also easy to use, as confirmed by Hewitt and Taffer. Hewitt pointed out that he found the assembly rather straightforward. Once he had securely attached the grill to the propane tank, he was able to do all the cooking unassisted. Taffer, meanwhile, emphasized the grill’s portability. He particularly loved that it comes with its own carrying case.

We are grateful for all the compliments, of course, as these reflect all the hard work we have put into designing our grills from the ground up, with our sights set on ensuring high performance for the Solaire Infrared Burner. Otherwise, we won’t be able to confidently say that we are the Muscle Car of gas grills. In particular, our grills enable meat to cook faster and yet retain all its flavors.

Efficiency is the key to producing fast and tasty food. Using the propane or natural gas, the infrared burner creates 15,000 tiny flames. These flames then heat the ceramic plate, in turn radiating intense heat directly onto the food. In comparison, conventional gas grills heat the air inside the grill and around the food which results in food that is overly dry. With our infrared grill applying the heat directly onto the food, cooking takes less time and juices are locked in to ensure more flavorful steaks hot off the grill.

Hardcore charcoal grillers even agree that Solaire Infrared is the gas grill that most closely replicates the white-hot intensity of charcoal fire. So if you want succulent, tender goodness in your steaks or barbecue, check out our grills. To know more about our other grills and accessories, continue browsing our website.