Let Nothing Get between You and Succulent BBQ—Try Our Infrared Grill!

Work has been quite a drag these days. You’re too exhausted to cook, but you’re also growing sick of take-out. You look out the window and see the happy family next door enjoying their backyard BBQ, making you crave for that juicy, succulent steak you used to have during your weekend family gatherings. You turn to the fridge, and it has never felt as cold and barren even though it’s fully stocked.

Cheer up! Solaire Gas Grills’ infrared grill is here to help you cook your favorite barbecue, pronto.

Our infrared grill cooks twice as fast compared to traditional burners. With high heat, you’ll have your favorite barbecue in as fast as 3 minutes! How is this possible? Our grill uses propane, a natural gas, to heat up its ceramic plate. The burner produces 15,000 tiny flames that provide intense heat, resulting in shorter preparation times and making our infrared grill the go-to appliance for busy people who wish to relish that occasional hot and tasty barbecue.

Not only can you have your barbecue in an instant; it will taste much more delicious, too. Every fine steak house chef knows that the secret to flavorful meat is to lock in the juices. In traditional gas burners that heat up the air, most of these juices are lost through drippings that are then vaporized in the form of flares, leading to charred, dried-up food.

Our infrared grills, on the other hand, heat up the meat directly, and any drips are just evaporated back to the meat as flavor-enhancing smoke. Most of the moisture is trapped inside, so you can expect your food to be more succulent and natural-tasting. Since the grill heats the food directly and not the air around it, you can grill all you want, all year round, even under chilly weather.

With your favorite, hearty meal freshly grilled, there’ll be no more cold nights for you. You can prepare everything you want—pork, burger, steaks, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, and others—and cook them all like the pros do. For more detailed information about the infrared grills we offer, feel free to send us a message through our “Contact Us” page.