From Infrared Grill to Accessories: Outdoor Grilling Made Convenient

For years, we at Rasmussen Ironworks / Solaire Gas Grills have been making quality products that help people enjoy gourmet restaurant-level grilled food right in their homes. This has been our goal since our founder Rasmus Rasmussen established the company: We want to make outdoor grilling a convenient and comfortable experience through our diverse range of products. As Hugh Hewitt said on his radio show, we have everything grilling enthusiasts need to complete an outdoor kitchen– from a specially engineered, portable infrared grill to various accessories.

We offer grills in many sizes and for many uses. Our Solaire Anywhere and Everywhere models are portable grills which can be readily packed for the road. Although relatively small in size, these grills pack 14,000 BTUs of infrared power and provide great grilling performance. We also offer cart grills for those who have a little more room to spare but don’t want a built-in grill in their back yards.

Our cart grills are available at 21”, 27”, 30”, 36”, 42” and even 56”. Our 27” XL Solaire Infrared Grill is by far the most popular model in this range. It has two stainless steel main burners at 32,000 BTU/hour, pushbutton rapid-start electronic ignition, V-grilling grids which enhance flavor and reduce flare-ups, as well as several accessories.

Meanwhile, our 56” grill – the largest infrared gas grill in the market – boasts four or three main burners at 110,000 BTU/hour or 82,000 BTU/hour and a total grilling area of 1,293 sq. in. It can also easily convert from an infrared burner to a convection burner for InfraVection ® benefits. This grill has two gas inputs at the left and riight side for even distribution and proper performance.

We also offer built-in grills are also available at 15”, 21”, 27”, 30”, and 36”. In this range, our most popular product is the Solaire 36” which is most specified by kitchen designers across the country. It has three main burners at 74,000 BTU/hour and a total grilling area of 814 sq. in.

Apart from the features already included in our grills, we offer several accessories that would make outdoor grilling much more enjoyable. We have drawer sets, accessory lights, dual side burners, single side burners, wok ring, griddles, BBQ trays, steamer/fryer units, wood chip smokers, Solaire access doors, rotisserie kits, and refrigeration accessories, as well as 24” and 30” bartending centers.

Since the founding of Rasmussen Ironworks / Solaire Gas Grills in 1907, we have been committed to quality products and superior craftsmanship. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our grills that we offer Limited Lifetime Warranties for all of them. Feel free to browse our pages for more information.