Gas GrillMost, if not all, things involve some kind of risk, hence, the need for safety measures. When you bring your all-important portable gas grill to your next camping trip, there are some important things to note to make sure you’re on the safe side, and that you get the most out of your cooking. Don’t forget to take these tips along.


Before you light the grill, check all connections for gas leaks by using a leak-detection solution made with a teaspoon of mild liquid hand soap and a cup of water. Wipe this along the hose or on any of the connections; if it bubbles, this indicates leakage. Turn off the grill immediately and don’t use it until the leak is fixed.


“Smoke gets in your eyes”, as the old song goes; it can actually also get in you clothes, hair, and lungs. Smoke from the grill contains carbon monoxide and other dangerous substances, so keep a safe distance from it. Everyone loves the smell of smoke from outdoor cooking, but it’s best to let it waft in the air, and not breathe it in.


Gas GrillUncontrolled fire is one of the most destructive forces in the universe and you need to protect yourself from it at all costs. For this, you need a fire extinguisher and must know how to use it. You also need to know how to cut fuel supplies and the number of the fire department for any emergency. Always assign someone to keep an eye on the fire while grilling. In case of burns it would be very helpful if you know how to apply first aid.


Where you place your grill or do your grilling is critical to your safety. Your grill user’s manual will tell you the minimum distance around your unit that must be kept clear of any flammable objects. When you set-up your grill, make sure that there isn’t anything within the required distance that will force people to walk too close to the grill. Of course, don’t allow children to play near the grill, too.

There is additional danger of fire, injury, and even death, if an equipment is of inferior quality. To ensure utmost safety, buy only Solaire grills from companies that guarantee their cooking equipment’s proven quality, regardless of whether they are portable, infrared, or conventional built in grills.