Infrared GrillNo matter what type of grill you have, be it a charcoal, gas or the more modern infrared grill, one of your biggest concerns is usually how to clean it. This is not only a sanitary issue, but also one of longevity. If a grill is not properly and regularly cleaned, it will rust and break down much more quickly. Here are some tips on how you can prolong the usefulness of your grilling investment.


Spraying a light olive oil coating on your grate is a good way to keep meats from sticking, and also serves as a good grill cleaner. That said, the best grill cleaner would have to be elbow grease or good ‘ole manual labor. Brush the grille with olive oil immediately after use; but this is not to say that you should brush the grille while it’s still blazing hot. Wait until the grill has cooled down, hit it with the wire brush and wipe the grease clean with a dry towel.

Use your oven

Some ovens have a self-cleaning setting. If your oven has this feature, then you can clean your grill easily without much elbow grease. Simply remove the grate, place it right onto the oven and set the self-cleaning feature. The oven will heat up to about 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which will incinerate all food bits from your grate.

Soap and water

Infrared GrillIf the grill has been unclean for a while and it’s caked with cooked-on food, you will need to soak it in soap and water. If your sink is large enough, you can use it for your soak, otherwise use a large basin or bin. Soak the grill in warm soapy water for at least two hours. Later, scrub with a stiff wire brush, rinse, and let dry.

Annual cleaning

Once a year, disassemble your grill and clean it from the ground up. Inspect your burners to ensure they aren’t clogged. Then, fire the grille up for a minute to make sure you have cleaned it out completely.


Over time, even the best outdoor gas grills will rust. You need to buff out the affected area with fine sandpaper and rub it with oil to effectively contain rust. Follow these tips to ensure that your infrared grill, like the Solaire, will last a very long time.