Outdoor Gas GrillsHaving dependable outdoor gas grills make for some excellent barbecue cookouts. As a well-loved American tradition, grilling is part of every family’s weekend activity especially during the summer months. Everybody loves grilled hamburger patties, steaks and even corn. However, make sure to grill your meat, seafood or vegetables the right way to keep their vitamins and nutrients intact.

Marinate before Grilling

Grilling can sometimes cause some toxic chemicals to form in the meat, particularly if you’re using old- model grills instead of the more modern and safer ones. To counter this, you can marinate your meat with acidic condiments like a teaspoon of vinegar and lemon a few hours before cooking. This will also add to the flavor and aroma of your food, and reduce cooking time.

Don’t Burn

The thing about charred meat is that the burnt part is said to contain carcinogens. If you want to reduce charring, regulate the heat in your griller. Studies have also shown that the smoke created by meat juices that drip on hot coals have carcinogens that can lodge in the meat when the smoke swirls around it. Better yet, purchase non-flame barbecue equipment such as infrared gas grills.

Lessen Doneness

Knowing that flames and smoke can cause carcinogens to deposit in the meat, it’s logical to assume that the more “done” the cooking is, the higher the rate of food becoming unhealthy. If you’re used to “well done” grilled beef, for instance, try “rare” or “medium rare” for a change. You might be surprised at how much more tender, juicy and tasty the latter are. Besides, overcooking can also reduce nutritive value.

Clean after Use

Outdoor Gas GrillsTidy up your grill before storage. Scrub and scrape off all the burnt meat or any residue from the rack to prepare it for your next cookout. This way, you’ll always have a fresh, healthy and good-tasting batch of grilled food. Use a grill brush to clean up, or a steel wool, if necessary.

Whether they’re large outdoor gas grills or high-quality portable grills, you can get them from trusted kitchen product manufacturers like Solaire Grills, and be assured of excellent performance. Healthy cooking and eating are your best bets to wellness. Enjoy grilling and keep the good ol’ tradition alive!